• Securing a fresh V-Server

    Whenever you buy a new V-Server the first thing you want to do is to make it secure, to avoid being hacked immediately. Good hosters will already provide you with quite good standard configuration, but still there might be some room for improvement.

  • A long-term data collection and analysis system

    For each data science project, you somehow have to retrieve your data. In some cases you get preprocessed data (consider Kaggle competitions), in other cases you will search for existing data sources in formats like CSV, JSON or Excel (consider data.gov and similar ones) and sometimes you have to collect the data yourself.

  • Ein Überblick über den österreichischen Fahrzeugmarkt

    Ich suche derzeit nach einem Auto und wie vermutlich jeder Autokäufer habe ich mich vorab im Internet ein wenig zum Thema informiert. Dabei stößt man in beinahe jedem Artikel auf den Punkt, man solle auf keinen Fall einen Neuwagen kaufen. Also habe ich mir einen zwei Jahre alten Skoda Fabia angesehen. Letztlich war ich mir bei diesem Fahrzeug leider nicht sicher, ob es wirklich gut genug behandelt wurde und habe zu den beobachteten Problemen im Internet einige problematische Zukunftsszenarien gelesen.

  • Connecting servers from multiple providers to one cluster in a VPN (and cutting the AWS bill)

    When I first started to use AWS services I was wondering why so many people use EC2 machines 24/7 and pay a ton of money for a server that - at least in Europe - you get for much less money (if you run your server the whole month). A bit later, I came to realize that it’s a lot easier to run a cluster inside AWS with their VPC service than it is at other providers.

  • A simplistic backup strategy for Git repositories to AWS S3

    Since I started hosting some of my git repository on my own server instead of Github, I wanted a backup strategy for my repositories. I see several possibilities there:

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